The National Workshop in Portugal was held by the Kerigma and IPCA in 7 May 2013. The event took place in Barcelos, integrated in the Europe Direct Center activities during the celebration of the European Week The participants were, students from the university, teachers, umbrella associations for companies, chambers of commerce, companies, training providers and the number of participants were more than 100. It is discussed that the requirements of the labour market are:

  • Creation of bridges between companies & education/ Training Providers;
  • Assessment and self -assessment of soft skills;

During the meeting the participants discussed on a tool which can support the bridging the gap the skills the employees have and the current requirements of labour market . The results for the possible solution are:

  • The tool must provide mobility and/ or workplacements availability (sending and host institutions at a local, regional, national or international level);
  • The tool should have special focus on the market job needs in order to allow training providers to adjust its educational offer;
  • The tool should allow any person who whishes to get a job to self assess his Professional skills and qualifications and soft skills